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Leah's Corner

The difference between reality and fiction...

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A community for me to post my fiction and graphics.


{fiction has to make sense}
Welcome to Leah's Corner! This is sadie_k_adder's creative community. Here I post fanfiction, non-fanfiction, essays, graphics...you name it. However you stumbled upon the place, I'm glad you're here and I hope you enjoy your visit.I do have some rules I'd oblige people to follow. All fanfiction and graphics are open for viewing unless they are rated NC-17, and then they will be locked. All original work from stories to essays will always be locked in an effort to avoid being plagiarised or robbed. If you use any of my graphics, please credit me. As for everything you find here, DO NOT repost it. I will find you and shank you.5 Dec. 2010 - Began revamping process. Tune into the journal itself for further updates about the community's remodeling; they will be public entries.Just a few places you might be interested in checking out. ;)

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