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This might only be temporary, or it might be here for good. I don’t really know. I’ve split it up into more than one post because some sections are rather extensive. XD; All the links are directly below. Don’t get lost! ^_~

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50stories Lida x Daishi Challenge Archive
Here's the archive for my 50stories Lida x Daishi fics. Obviously, there will eventually be 50 of them, so they need their space. XD;

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Holiday Fic Archive
Here is the Holidays section of the archive. I've written a lot of holiday fics, and I like to have them all hoarded away in their own section for people who are interested in reading them during the proper holiday seasons. ^^V

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Crossover Fics Archive
Here is the Crossovers section of the archive. I've written a lot of crossover fics, and I like to have them all hoarded away in their own section for people who are interested in reading crossovers. ^^V

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Psycho le Cému Fics Archives
Here is the Psycho le Cému section of the archive. They get their own post because there are 25 fics revolving around them!

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The "Hitch" Archive
Here's the post dedicated to my monstrous "Hitch" series! I've tried to make it as comprehensible as possible, but let me know if you get lost. ^^;

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The cast list, pairing list and fanart page will be offline until I can find the time to put the photos somewhere online. Please be patient with me!!

Dir en grey Fics Archive
Here is the Dir en grey section of the archive. They get their own post because there are 29 fics revolving around them, and that's not even including the massive "Hitch" series! O_O;

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S.K.I.N. + Archiving
Tada! I finally finished my S.K.I.N. concert report! Please check it out if you're interested. ;)

Also, just so everyone knows, I'll be archiving things today so there might be some random archival posts. Everything will be cut, of course, so that your friends pages don't suffer. Just thought I'd let you know. (^^)V


Welcome to my Jrock Fanfiction community!
In order to keep things a little more safe and organized, I've decided to move all my fanfiction over to a community. From now on I will not be using romanticide_shu, so if you like my fanfiction you can friend leahs_corner instead.

♦ All of the people represented in my fanfictions are real people. I do not know any of them, nor am I affiliated with any of them. I don't own them and these stores are all fictional. Also, some of these stories are for mature readers. Most of the characters in these stories are homosexual, and sex scenes between them may be explicitly described. You have been warned.
♦ All NC-17 posts will be locked. You do not need to become a member to read them, but you do need to friend the community to read them. This is simply to reassure that leahs_corner does not get deleted for violating LJ's terms and conditions.
♦ These stories may be based on real people or events, but they are original to themselves and were written by me. They are copyrighted to me, and if you want to share them elsewhere you need my permission first.
♦ On that same note, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Someone plagiarized one of my fics once, and she was blacklisted. Do not make her mistake.
♦ I do not do requests. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the projects I sincerely want to do so requests are a big no-no. I sometimes make exceptions, but they're for special occasions or good friends.
♦ Please be friendly, okay? Criticism is allowed--encouraged, in fact. At least be polite about it. Constructive criticism is encouraged, I should say. If you're going to leave me a five paragraph comment chewing me out for characterizing Kyo the wrong way I'm not going to give a damn about what you have to say.
♦ Please comment if you read. I know sometimes we get busy and I don't demand comments or else, but if you have the chance I would really appreciate reading what you have to say about what you read. :)
♦ Since this is a community for my fanfiction, I'm the only one who can post. Just FYI. ;)

The Author
♦ Name: Leah
♦ Penname: Shuichi
♦ Age: 20
♦ Zodiac: Gemini
♦ Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
♦ Height: Short
♦ Dream: Japan, however I can get there.
♦ Animals: Cats, dragons
♦ Treats: Japanese food, green tea
♦ Season: Autumn
♦ Fetish: Kyo
♦ I started writing when I was only 10 years old. It was a few years before I discovered the world of fanfiction, and back then it was Tomb Raider fanfiction. I loved Lara, so I revelled in it. In due time I was writing it, though I didn't share it with anyone because I was too nervous, and still very inexperienced. I enjoyed it, though, and only became more open to the idea of fanfiction as I delved into other fandoms. It was hard to resist it when I became a Harry Potter fanatic. I wrote more fanfiction for my eyes only, but this time I was actually expanding into the romance genre for the sake of my Harry/Hermione SHIPping. It would still be a couple of years before I would finally take a peak into yaoi; I can think Gackt (of course) for leading me that way. GakuHai is hard to resist, you know--even if you still think "Boys kissing boys? Ewwww!" It wasn't long after I started reading GakuHai that I decided I liked boys kissing boys. I jumped headlong into Dir en grey fanfiction then. Shortly thereafter I started writing Jrock fanfiction, and I've been hooked ever since. I still do a lot of original writing, but that's been pushed to the backburner at the moment while I relish in Jrock fanfiction. ^^V
♦ What I love to write most: Kyo, Lida x Daishi, AUs, humor, pairings with obvious chemistry, obscure pairings, Hitch!Kaoru, Kyo as seme, KyoTaka, Gackt, challenges, cuddling more than sex, HOMG!het

Who are you?
I actually do like knowing who my readers are, by the way. :D So if you want to reply to this post, telling me a little bit about yourself, I would love that. I always like it when I can associate usernames with personalities, you know? lol Something like this format might be handy:
♦ Name or nickname:
♦ Age (not necessary; I know some are underage and may not want me to know that ^_~):
♦ Favorite Jrock artists:
♦ Favorite pairings:
♦ Non-Jrock related interests or hobbies (if there are any! XD):
♦ Why do you like my stories? (You don't have to tell me if you don't want to; I'm just curious about what keeps people coming back to what I write. ^^V)
♦ What's your trademark? (Just something that you think defines YOU; for instance, you're the girl with the shocking purple hair or your friends know you as the person who wakes up every morning by listening to Agitated Screams of Maggots; just something that you think makes you unique and noticeable)

That is all I have to say in this introductory post. See this post for frequently asked questions, and to ask any of your own. ;)

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