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Icon dump
sadie_k_adder wrote in leahs_corner
Here's an icon dump - mostly a bunch of old ones that I made ages ago.

Alice in Wonderland [24]
   feat. art, Disney, The Looking Glass Wars, American McGee's "Alice" and the manga, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Celebrities (Singers/Actresses) [6]
    feat. Avril Lavigne [1], Didi Benami [1], Emilie Autumn [3], Emma Watson [2]
Daria [2]
Ghost Hunters [1] Steve/Tango
Harry Potter [8] Hermione, H/Hr
Sailor Moon [13] Sailor Mercury
Tomb Raider [3]
Stock [9]
Venture Bros. [1]


Please credit leahs_corner or sadie_k_adder if some kind of crazy comes over you and you decide to use one. ;)

01 Alice in
02 Alice in
03 Disney's
04 Looking
Glass Wars
05 Looking
Glass Wars
06 Looking
Glass Wars
07 Looking
Glass Wars
08 Looking
Glass Wars
09 Looking
Glass Wars
10 American
McGee's Alice
11 American
McGee's Alice
12 American
McGee's Alice
13 American
McGee's Alice
14 American
McGee's Alice
15 American
McGee's Alice
16 American
McGee's Alice
17 American
McGee's Alice
18 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
19 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
20 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
21 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
22 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
23 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
24 Miyuki-chan
in Wonderland
25 Avril
26 Daria 27 Daria 28 Didi Benami 29 Emilie Autumn 30 Emilie Autumn
31 Emilie Autumn 32 Emma Watson 33 Emma Watson 34 Ghost Hunters 35 Harry Potter
36 Harry Potter 37 Harry Potter 38 Harry Potter 39 Harry Potter 40 Harry Potter
41 Harry Potter 42 Harry Potter 43 Sailor Moon 44 Sailor Moon 45 Sailor Moon
46 Sailor Moon 47 Sailor Moon 48 Sailor Moon 49 Sailor Moon 50 Sailor Moon
51 Sailor Moon 52 Sailor Moon 53 Sailor Moon 54 Sailor Moon 55 Sailor Moon
56 Tomb Raider 57 Tomb Raider 58 Tomb Raider 59 Stock 60 Stock
61 Stock 62 Stock 63 Stock 64 Stock 65 Stock
66 Stock* 67 Stock* 68 Venture

*Art by Jeff Thomas.

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Loving the Alice icons! There's another manga adaptation of that story (Alice in the Country of Hearts) if you weren't aware of it already.

The Daria and Sailor Moon icons are cool too

I had no idea! Do they have it in English? If so, I'll have to look for it the next time I'm at Borders, lol. ♥

Yes, there's 4 (or 5) volumes out so far, with I think only a few more to go. :-)

#50 is really cute! I'm going to grab it if that's okay (if it's not, just say so and I'll delete it)

Hi! I was looking for neopets interest & somehow ran across your community & this post. Just wanted to let you know I snagged a ton of these icons & credited you. Thanks!

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