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sadie_k_adder wrote in leahs_corner
So far I have gotten quite a few responses regarding the fanfiction people want sent to them. Thanks for your interest, everyone! I'm copying down your requests and email addresses, and will hopefully be able to send you the stories you want by the end of this week. ♥

Just a quick update on how the revamp is going. Everything that was posted directly to the community has been removed; however, you can still access most of the fanfiction through the archive because a lot of what I wrote is still linked through my old writing journal, romanticide_shu. Most of the multi-chapter stories can still be found there, including all of "Hitch" with the exception of a few chapters from The Unexpected Mishap.

I will leave the archive and romanticide_shu in tact for the time being so people can do their own copying of their favorite stories if they don't want to give out their email address; the archive will be useful in deciding exactly what you'd like me to send you, in case you're a little fuzzy on the titles of stories or whatever.

As a matter of fact, when I have my new archive up, I will probably link an entry to it that lists all the titles of my Jrock fanfiction along with my email address so that if anyone decides later on that they want a specific oneshot or something, they can still look it up and ask me for it.

Also, I have decided that I'm going to limit selling bound copies of fanfiction to just the "Hitch" series. Bear in mind that it will probably take me a few months to get any copies printed up and fixed nicely. I'm still unsure of what the pricing will be, but I have a nice idea in mind for anyone who's a hardcore "Hitch" fan who doesn't mind contributing a few bucks to a struggling college student: I'm thinking of putting together a "Hitch" collector's package with all of the stories (including the bonus lemons), as well as some illustrations, character sketches, timelines, and other notes I still have from the writing process. This will likely be pricier than simply buying one or more of the "Hitch" novels to have on your bookshelf, so it's just a thought right now and we'll see if it takes off in the coming months.

That's all the update I have for you for now. To recap: you can still see the archive and access most of the fanfiction at romanticide_shu; and it will likely be a few months before I can sell actual hard copies of the only series I'm going to bother with printing out and binding, "Hitch."

Quick links: Fanfiction Archive | romanticide_shu | Previous entry where you can request fics you'd like sent to you; comments are screened.



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