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Tomb Raider/Batman - Bruce/Lara - Private Affairs - Oneshot
sadie_k_adder wrote in leahs_corner
Title: Private Affairs
Author: sadie_k_adder or Sadie K. Adder
Genre: Smut/Crossover
Fandom: Tomb Raider and Batman
Pairings: Bruce Wayne/Lara Croft
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex.
Summary: Lara Croft goes on a little private business mission in Gotham City, but ends up accomplishing something different than she planned.
Notes: I once read a very well done fanfiction crossing the TR and Batman franchises. I'm super excited about The Dark Knight and I've been aching to write a decent MalexFemale sex scene for ages. All of this combined (plus an evening of boredom) brought me to this fic. It's not very good, in my opinion, and much too rushed and lame in an attempt to get to the sex, but here it is. =)

Private Affairs

It wasn’t her first time, and it wouldn’t be her last. Apart from nervous experiments as a teenager and the few fruitless adult relationships, she didn’t have much to go by. Truth be told, all the tomb raiding and cave spelunking and famous-artifact-saving had left very little time for a personal life at all, let alone one involving the other species—men. Yet, here she was, attempting a first date with a gentleman she had only met because her career led her to him. He was exactly like the type of men she found herself romantically involved with (on the rare occasion she was romantically involved). They were either rugged cave spelunkers like herself…or they were rich, dashing, imitation James Bonds. This one was the latter.

Lara was not drawn to money or power so the fact that she was out with Mr. Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s most eligible bachelor and most popular playboy, was nothing shy of a miracle. She would truly never find herself in such a man’s company if her job didn’t require it. Her sources had led her to believe that Mr. Wayne had in his possession a rare artifact that should be in a museum somewhere. Her handy researcher, Alister, had been bedridden with the flu for a few days, and in an attempt to give him some peace she’d promised she wouldn’t go on any dangerous missions without his aide. This left her quite bored, though, so when she learned of an artifact she could obtain without going to dangerous lengths… Needless to say, she hopped on the next flight to America so she could somehow bump into Bruce Wayne in Gotham City.

“Bumping” was quite literally all she had done, yet she found herself exiting a limousine so she could take Bruce’s arm and allow him to lead her into one of Gotham’s finest restaurants. He works fast, she thought to herself, mildly disgusted by the male ego and how it can be inflated with money, power and good looks, all of which Bruce Wayne had a never ending supply of, it seemed.

“Your usual table, Mr. Wayne?” Asked the concierge, his gaze shifting to Lara only briefly, and the look in it one of disdain. Lara wondered if he thought her some kind of slut or something, but dismissed her peeved feelings. She didn’t give a damn what some Gothamite thought of her.

He led them to the “usual” table per Bruce’s approval. Lara was a little surprised that the playboy had the manners to pull her chair out for her. In a few minutes they were sitting in silence, sipping champagne. He seemed quite distracted, unable to enjoy himself for anything. And it was quite obvious that he didn’t want to work to get to know Lara—he didn’t seem to want anything to do with her at all.

“So, Mr. Wayne,” Lara spoke at long last, drawing his dark gaze up to her brighter one. “What is it that Wayne Enterprises does?”

Bruce shrugged. “Lots.”

But that’s all he said. Lara nodded and took another sip of her champagne. “And what is it that you do in your spare time?”

He shrugged again. “Mostly I just work out.”

She rolled her eyes, but said smartly, “Funny, me too.”

He gave one nod and downed his glass of champagne, reaching for the bottle. She grabbed his wrist and raised an eyebrow at him. “Already, Mr. Wayne? Forgive me for saving your sobriety, but perhaps you should at least wait until the salads have been served…”

He sighed and pulled back, but looked her squarely in the eyes to say, “Listen, you seem like a nice woman and all, but I’m not actually interested in dating. There’s this girl and…well, I’m just dating for my image, you know? I take random women out who are attractive and will catch the eye of the press, they continue to talk about me like I’m some meathead blessed with a fortune, and life goes on as it should. Tonight I’m feeling even less like socializing than usual. So I’m really sorry, but I’d just like to get through dinner and go home.”

Lara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was bewildered that he would do so much to keep his reputation a certain way. She had never been one to care about reputation so she couldn’t really understand that kind of mentality. She also felt sorry for him…to be in love with someone, but unable to be with them for reasons she didn’t even know…that must have been torture. However, she couldn’t help feeling used and, to be frank, pissed off. So she stood up and slapped him clean across the face before marching away to the restroom.

Of course, once she was safe behind the women’s door she wondered what her next move would be. Who would have thought Gotham’s rich playboy was secretly a moping softy who simply wanted to be with some woman he was in love with? Some people can be so two-faced, she sighed to herself.

There was simply nothing for it. She would either have to give up or go out there and try again. She left the bathroom to find Bruce waiting for her, a sheepish, apologetic look on his face. She put on a show of poor temperament, preparing to march past him, but he reached out and caught her wrist, stopping her. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Would you like to have dinner at my place instead? I’d feel more comfortable…”

She nodded and they left the restaurant without a word to the stuffy concierge. She assumed he’d rather be out of the public eye so he could relax and not have to worry about pretending to be sweet on her. Just as well, she figured, since then she wouldn’t have to pretend to be sweet on him either.

“I can’t make a lot of dishes,” he told her as they waited for his limo, “but I’m pretty good with an open fire. I used to live in the wilderness, believe it or not, and you learn a lot out there. Or I could make us some pretty rank sushi, if that’s more your taste. You seem like the kind of girl who travels to foreign places.”

She chuckled. “Indeed I am, Mr. Wayne, but a girl doesn’t need to travel to enjoy sushi.”

“Please, call me Bruce.”

* * * * *

Whatever change of heart inspired Bruce to be more open and personable with her (and less of a stick in the mud) she didn’t know, but she was glad he was laughing and smiling as they resigned to the parlor a few hours later to enjoy some ice cream.

“I have to say that Alfred is positively wonderful,” Lara said with a sigh as they took their seats on the loveseat in front of the fire. “You two must be awfully close.”

Bruce nodded. “He’s really like a father to me, I’ll be the first to admit it. I probably wouldn’t even be alive today if it weren’t for him.”

Lara smiled. “I certainly know the feeling. While I wouldn’t consider my own butler a father, he certainly has been a strong father figure in my life. He’s been the family butler since my father was a little boy…”

Bruce raised an eyebrow. “You have a butler?”

Lara laughed. “Yes, I do. And I’m glad that you’re so surprised! Sometimes it’s easier for me to be myself when the person I’m with doesn’t know who I am.”

“Who are you?” Bruce asked, shoveling some ice cream in his mouth.

“Lara Croft,” she said simply, politely, but with a confidence she could see captivated him.

“Lara Croft?” He repeated. “That chick who started raising hell over in England years ago?”

“Yes, I have been known to raise a bit of hell for fun…” Lara remarked, thinking fondly back on her more enjoyable adventures.

Bruce laughed. “Wow, the Lara Croft! And here I was trying to impress you by cooking chicken over an open flame.”

She laughed as well. “It was pretty impressive! Especially the part where you singed the hair on your knuckles and had to call your butler to make us some pizzas.”

They continued to chortle until they eventually quieted and focused on their ice cream. Lara found herself relaxing and quite enjoying herself. In fact, she had forgotten her reason for wooing the Gotham millionaire and instead found herself scooting closer to him after she’d set her ice cream aside. “You know you have some ice cream at the corner of your lips, right?” She asked, resting her arm on the back of the couch.

“If you’re trying to seduce me it won’t work,” Bruce said sarcastically, thumbing away the ice cream and then setting his bowl aside.

“Oh no?” Lara asked, inching just that much closer.

“No, it won’t. Because you already did, if I can be frank.” He let out a soft, exasperated sigh before closing the small gap between them so he could touch his lips to hers.

Lara slid her hands up and down his chest before grabbing hold of the buttons on his suit jacket. She found he was a much better kisser than she was, and she was just trying to keep up with him. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she made a soft sound before jutting hers out to meet it. She was well renowned for her sex appeal, but her personal life was quite a secret from the rest of the world. If they knew how few men she’d actually been with that sex appeal image might actually be ruined…

Bruce’s hands snaked around her waist and he pulled her onto his lap as his lips traveled to her jaw and then her neck. She was wearing a slinky black dress with thin spaghetti straps, and she felt one of them slide down by pure accident. His lips moved lower and she let out a purr when he bit down on her neck. She knew she was rocking her body into him, which created more sexual tension. It wasn’t long before she felt her straps sliding down quite purposefully while he moved lower.

She soon got to work on undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt while he fondled her breasts. She could feel him hardening beneath her, and she herself was starting to get quite wet. There had been such chemistry between them all night, and she just wanted to let go for just a few minutes. They were slowly becoming feral animals, forgetting their thoughts and pasts and individual purposes in life. For the next several minutes they were the only two people in the world and their baser instincts were what mattered.

Their clothes did not even leave them—not completely. He had pulled her dress down enough to expose her breasts, and she had somehow wriggled out of her panties. His jacket and tie were on the floor, and his shirt was open completely, the collar starting to slip down over his shoulders, exposing his chiseled biceps. She undid the zipper of his pants, releasing him through the open fly of his briefs. He had to fish through his wallet for a condom, but after he produced one it didn’t take long at all before she was guiding him into her.

She started a rhythm, soft moans and gasps escaping her lips as he filled her. He was almost mute, heavy breathing the only sounds to come from him. She bent over him, keeping her movement as she reattached their lips. His hands moved up to the bun in her hair that was already falling out, the loose strands dancing across his face. He pulled the hair tie off completely and her long locks cascaded down. She straightened up again, intent on riding him until they both climaxed. His hands alternated between her hips and her buttocks as he sometimes let out a soft grunt and lifted his hips to meet her motions. She reached orgasm twice before he found his, and then she slowly lowered herself down on him, lifting her hips just for a moment to pull him out.

Only after their breathing had slowed was the silence broken. Bruce’s voice was huskier than it had been earlier as he said, “I know with my image…well, I don’t usually do that…honest…”

“Mmm.” She kissed his neck where the pulse was still pounding, and then straightened up again, grabbing her straps one at a time so she could pull them over her shoulders. “My reputation would probably have you believe the same of me, but I don’t do that either.”

She climbed off of him completely in order to fetch her panties and then smooth her hair, trying to compose herself as much as possible. He stuffed himself back into his pants and zipped them up before standing as well, hands busily rebuttoning his shirt. “So…can I see you again some time, Lara?”

She smiled. “If I’m ever in Gotham City again I’ll look you up, Mr. Wayne.”

She left by way of taxi without giving him so much as a glance over her shoulder on the way out. She had remembered, of course, her reason for bumping into him in the first place, but kindly disregarded her mission. All work and no play makes for a dull girl, she mentally reminded herself on the way back to her hotel.

The following day she checked out and caught a plane back to England. Once Alister was better it would be back to business as usual. She couldn’t help but hope, though, that business would one day send her right back to Gotham City…



Notes: 1) Since Bruce's better half, Batman, does not make an appearance in this oneshot I felt inclined to put a few puns in there for his absent sake. Like Lara's thoughts about him being "two-faced" and the bit where he "works out" during time off... Yeah. I'm ridiculous, I know. ;)
2) So to summarize...everyone likes to see/imagine two extremely attractive and well endowed people getting it on. Especially me. The end.

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OMG I know. Every review has just praised him. He's the subject of all talk - not because he died, but because he was brilliant. I'm so going to cry after the movie when it really hits me that such an amazing actor can no longer grace us with that brilliance. T_T

He was brilliant, it's just. *___*x No words, right. loll.

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