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WTF this exists and I'm a dick.

Hi! To anyone who gives a damn! I hate to say this because it sounds kind of stupid and mental, but I had actually forgotten I created this community. I forgot about emailing fanfiction to people. I forgot I had written fanfiction. I forgot how to walk while chewing bubble gum. Alright, I exagerate...the point is, I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES. I feel like a total asshole!

Obviously (I think?) I have not taken my FF off the internet, and frankly, I can't even remember why I intended to. It's a free for all for everyone because as of now, I can't even fathom having the time to tackle such a daunting task. And why? WHY that is the question! What happens on the internet stays on the internet, right? It's permanent! So I might as well keep it there...

At any rate, I'm going to try especially hard not to disappear again without so much as a fart in the future. I'm alive, I'm well (relatively speaking...once we go mad we're never normal again, correct?), and I'm not ditching anymore. God, I'm still a dick, regardless.

If you're reading this, thanks for sticking around! You are truly the epitome of awesome and I doff my hat to you!


Update on the revamp
So in spite of finishing school last weekend, I ended up being busier this week than I thought, which means I won't be getting stories emailed out in the time that I quoted you all in my previous posts. I should have more time off this week, so I'm hoping to have those sent off by next weekend!

Thanks for your patience, everyone! That's all there is to update on right now. =)


Icon dump
Here's an icon dump - mostly a bunch of old ones that I made ages ago.

Alice in Wonderland [24]
   feat. art, Disney, The Looking Glass Wars, American McGee's "Alice" and the manga, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Celebrities (Singers/Actresses) [6]
    feat. Avril Lavigne [1], Didi Benami [1], Emilie Autumn [3], Emma Watson [2]
Daria [2]
Ghost Hunters [1] Steve/Tango
Harry Potter [8] Hermione, H/Hr
Sailor Moon [13] Sailor Mercury
Tomb Raider [3]
Stock [9]
Venture Bros. [1]


Please credit leahs_corner or sadie_k_adder if some kind of crazy comes over you and you decide to use one. ;)

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Fic Archive
The Archive

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Stay tuned for more as it's written!

So far I have gotten quite a few responses regarding the fanfiction people want sent to them. Thanks for your interest, everyone! I'm copying down your requests and email addresses, and will hopefully be able to send you the stories you want by the end of this week. ♥

Just a quick update on how the revamp is going. Everything that was posted directly to the community has been removed; however, you can still access most of the fanfiction through the archive because a lot of what I wrote is still linked through my old writing journal, romanticide_shu. Most of the multi-chapter stories can still be found there, including all of "Hitch" with the exception of a few chapters from The Unexpected Mishap.

I will leave the archive and romanticide_shu in tact for the time being so people can do their own copying of their favorite stories if they don't want to give out their email address; the archive will be useful in deciding exactly what you'd like me to send you, in case you're a little fuzzy on the titles of stories or whatever.

As a matter of fact, when I have my new archive up, I will probably link an entry to it that lists all the titles of my Jrock fanfiction along with my email address so that if anyone decides later on that they want a specific oneshot or something, they can still look it up and ask me for it.

Also, I have decided that I'm going to limit selling bound copies of fanfiction to just the "Hitch" series. Bear in mind that it will probably take me a few months to get any copies printed up and fixed nicely. I'm still unsure of what the pricing will be, but I have a nice idea in mind for anyone who's a hardcore "Hitch" fan who doesn't mind contributing a few bucks to a struggling college student: I'm thinking of putting together a "Hitch" collector's package with all of the stories (including the bonus lemons), as well as some illustrations, character sketches, timelines, and other notes I still have from the writing process. This will likely be pricier than simply buying one or more of the "Hitch" novels to have on your bookshelf, so it's just a thought right now and we'll see if it takes off in the coming months.

That's all the update I have for you for now. To recap: you can still see the archive and access most of the fanfiction at romanticide_shu; and it will likely be a few months before I can sell actual hard copies of the only series I'm going to bother with printing out and binding, "Hitch."

Quick links: Fanfiction Archive | romanticide_shu | Previous entry where you can request fics you'd like sent to you; comments are screened.


Long time no see, everyone!

I have a couple of items I want to address so I'm just going to jump straight to the point.

1. You might have noticed that this community has had a name change. In case you're wondering wtf this is, it used to be shu_jrock. That name no longer suits a writing community of my own design, as I am no longer writing Jrock fanfiction (and I haven't been Shuichin for quite awhile). I have changed the name from shu_jrock to leahs_corner, as you can well see.

On top of that, I am also revamping this community. It's not just going to be for fanfiction; it's going to be for other writing ventures, including general fiction and essays, and possibly rants if I find they fit in there. Any creative endeavors I take, such as designing icons, graphics, wallpapers, etc. will also be posted there.

And now for the item that will be difficult for people to swallow.

2. I am removing all of my Jrock fanfiction from the open access of the internet. As you all know, it's been over 3 years since I wrote any new fanfiction or updated any of the stories I was working on in 2007. When I stopped writing, I put all of my Jrock fanfiction on an indefinite hiatus that I later deemed a permanent hiatus. Because I have little to no interest in the world of Jrock anymore, I don't feel any regret about taking down all of the stories I wrote over a 2-year period.

I am doing this today, so they won't be up there for much longer; however, I still have them on my harddrive. If anyone would like any of my fanfiction on their own harddrive, just let me know. I will screen comments to this post so that anyone who wants any particular fanfiction can give me their email address and I'll get whatever you want to you. Be advised, it might take up to a week for an email to arrive with the story(ies) of your choice in it, but I promise that it'll get to you.

Something else worth mentioning is that I have on my To Do List a plan to do some minor editing and revising to the major stories as I move all of their chapters over to a single Word document, respectively. As per an effort to raise some extra money for school next semester, I will be printing off and binding the more popular stories (the "Hitch" series, Frozen, All Mad, etc.) and selling them for a small price that I have not yet determined. If you like (and I feel so egotistical saying this...), I will even autograph them before I ship them out. xD *blush blush blush*

So that's that. It is with a twinge of sorrow and a helping of nostalgia that I officially close the book on an era of my life that I enjoyed immensely. One day when I have published a book, I will no doubt reflect on my Jrock fanfiction writing days with fondness because I'm positive I garnered skills I can use in my future noveling endeavors, and I owe all of you, my readers, a huge thank you and round of applause. Posting my silly Jrock fanfiction online to be read and reviewed by people like you has done wonders for me as a writer. I will remember all of you as I walk life's road, wherever it may take me.

Yours Sincerely,
AKA Shuichin, Sadie K. Adder

Everything I know about writing I learned from "Hitch."
It was a beautiful day in heaven… God sat on his throne, which looked suspiciously like a recliner chair, and forced himself to watch the last half hour of Kaoru and Kyo's adventure in New York City. When they finally decided to hightail it back to Japan he snapped his fingers and the TV turned off. “I can't believe him,” he said with a sigh, rubbing his forehead.

Gabriel was nearby and leaned against the chair. “It makes a good sitcom, though, doesn't it?”
    -The Heavenly Hitch, Prologue

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I may no longer be into Jrock or yaoi enough to read every entire word of my old “Hitch” series, but I would be a fool not to consider it one of my greatest achievements in writing, especially years later with much hindsight. “Hitch” (as many of you know), began way back in early 2005, and went on hiatus in June of 2007. After just two years, it became a universe of its own, spanning over 5 and half stories (because the sixth one was never completed), 11 oneshots and several hundreds of thousands of words—easily the largest work in fiction I’ve done to date.

Yes, it was the worst of times because the writing wasn’t as great as it could be if I penned it now, I was rather obsessive and a lot of what I wrote was just plain dumb, and a great portion of the Jrock fanfiction-loving population rebuked it openly on that one community for bitching and whining about things you hated to see in Jrock fanfiction. But it was still the best of times, because the creative juices were flowing, the series was popular, the characters became their own before Book 2, I was having fun, and who ultimately cared if people bitched about it on that one community? You know you’ve made it as a writer when your works are recognized across boundaries and people know enough about it to complain about it.

My first year of NaNoWriMo I wrote a story that I fell in love with—characters and all. Five years later, I’m returning to that setting and some of those characters to write a sort of spin-off. As I read Chris Baty’s words of wisdom and I embark on my noveling quest, I can’t help but realize that a lot of who I am today and what I love as a writer comes from my days as Shuichi, Author of the “Hitch” Series.


Behind the cut I've compiled some speculations about exactly how "Hitch" influenced my writing and has forever changed who I am as an author. These are simultaneously jumbled tips for other authors who read this journal who'd like to laugh at me learn from me. Note: These will obviously be that much more interesting if you've any idea what "Hitch" even is. xD

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Holy crap, you guys. I'm laughing and crying from memories. X'D

iCarly - Freddie/Sam - House Guest - 1/?
Title: House Guest
Chapters: One of I don't know how many at this present time
Author: sadie_k_adder or Sadie K. Adder
Genre: General fluff and comedy
Fandom: iCarly
Pairings: Freddie/Sam
Rating: PG for now, anyway
Warnings/Etc: iCarly and its characters belong to Dan Schneider; the plot bunny escaping down a poorly marked rabbit trail belongs to me. :]
Summary: Future!Fic (sort of); the kids are nearing 16 and looking forward to all that comes with that sweet age when Sam's mother takes a turn for the worst and kicks her out of the house. Will Sam become a permanent member of the Shay household? Is Spencer going to legally adopt her? Will Carly love Sam more or start to hate her? How exactly will I fit Freddie into this web of comical drama? Will Spencer figure out the person sending him Secret Love Letters is actually MRS. BENSON!?
Notes: Okay, there are actually no secret letters of love or hate in this story, I was just getting excited in the heat of asking plot directing, melodramatic questions. This is my first iCarly fic ever, though I have been a fan of the show for a long time, and writing fanfiction for an even longer time. This is a silly idea that came into my head, and I felt it had to be written. Please enjoy the fic. :)

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The Dark Knight - Batman/Joker - Morbid Fascination - Oneshot
Title: Morbid Fascination
Author: sadie_k_adder or Sadie K. Adder
Genre: Angst
Fandom: Batman (Nolanverse)
Pairings: Batman/Joker
Rating: PG; it's a little dark, but there's nothing too overwhelming.
Warnings: TDK Spoilers
Summary: Batman and the Joker do complete each other, whether Batman likes it or not. Set some time after TDK; first person POV.
Notes: Basically, this is me testing the waters of the fandom, trying to decide how and where I feel comfortable. So there's a lot of dialogue and a lot of background; I find that when I'm just starting out writing for a fandom, character and story understanding are mandatory if I want to write good slash. So hopefully this is just a cautious taste of what is to come later. :)

Morbid FascinationCollapse )

Tomb Raider/Batman - Bruce/Lara - Private Affairs - Oneshot
Title: Private Affairs
Author: sadie_k_adder or Sadie K. Adder
Genre: Smut/Crossover
Fandom: Tomb Raider and Batman
Pairings: Bruce Wayne/Lara Croft
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex.
Summary: Lara Croft goes on a little private business mission in Gotham City, but ends up accomplishing something different than she planned.
Notes: I once read a very well done fanfiction crossing the TR and Batman franchises. I'm super excited about The Dark Knight and I've been aching to write a decent MalexFemale sex scene for ages. All of this combined (plus an evening of boredom) brought me to this fic. It's not very good, in my opinion, and much too rushed and lame in an attempt to get to the sex, but here it is. =)

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